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STARDROP - Production Report #1

Hi everyone.

Today I will start a weekly update that will go into the history of STARDROP. Some of you might recall that one of the Kickstarter rewards was an E-book. I decided to start creating this E-book under the name: STARDROP - Production Report.

My aim is to create a page a week until the game's release and talking about different aspects. Each page will go into a specific topic and today we're taking a look at one of the earliest screenshots I have from the game.

I will do my best to make this a weekly thing but as I am incredibly busy with, well, making the actual game I cannot guarantee that I will make it each week. For now, let's just have fun looking back at the start of it all. The roots of STARDROP.

Click on the image to head over to the Production Report page.

#STARDROP #ProduvtionReport

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