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Team V

Based around the globe


Release Date:

2016 (Chapter One)

2017 (Chapter Two)





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STARDORP is a narrative driven Sci-Fi first person adventure and exploration game set in future. 


You, the player, takes on the role of Aryn Vance who is a Salvage and Rescue operative. Aryn goes out and explores lost or in need of rescue space ships.

The game takes place during a routine salvage operation of an unknown derelict spacecraft. 

Aryn sets out to unravel the mystery surrouding this unknown ship only to learn that sometimes, friendship can be found in the last place she would ever expect.
STARDROP breaks away from the typical gritty dark Sci-Fi to employ a much warmer and friendlier experience touching on some fundemental issues that deal with what it means to be human packed into a story about friendship and its implications.


STARDROP was born out of the desire to create a positive narrative driven single player experience. Although the idea of such a game has been laying dorment for a long time it was Alien Isolation that sparked the flame. 

Many past experiences ranging from games to movies, to music have inspired parts of the game. From a game like Portal 2 to movies such as Inside out or the musical score from Gravity just to name a few.

  • Exploring three spacecraft (Including Aryns) and delving deeper into them while trying to find out what happened to them and unraveling their mysteries.

  • Family friendly narrative driven experience.

  • A very strong and rich story driven by an incredible talented cast of voice actors.

  • Diverse amount of interesting puzzles to be solved and secrets to be uncovered.

  • Interactive interfaces such as you DataPad and Computer interfaces.

STARDROP Chapter One - Pre-Release Trailer (2016) 

Logos and Icon

Joure Visser

Creator and Project Lead


Aryn Rozelle

Voice Actor


Robert Ducat

Voice Actor

Jordan Potch

Voice Actor


Voice Actor


James Morgan

Environment Artist


Ildar Sitdykov

Environment Artist


Kevin MacLeod

Music Composer


Thomas Saigne

Lead Play Tester


Dmitry Zhukov

Play Tester


James Veug

In-house app developer


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