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Team V is quite unique. Most of the team is made out of individuals who are responsible for working on the game indirectly. Voice actors and playtesters make up a good portion of the team. 3D Environmental Artists Ildar and James help dress up the game with unique assets. 


This leaves me (Joure) a lot of room to work on the game directly. For a small scale project as STARDROP it helps to keep things clear and consise.  Start small but with great ambitions is what STARDROP is about for us and we hope that the team can naturally grow and have the games do the talking for us.

Joure Visser - Creator / Lead

My name is Joure Visser and I do pretty much everything. If I can do it myself I will and I enjoy it that way. What I do ranges from Level design to creating the gameplay mechanics. I have written the main story as well as all the in-game dialog. Creating back-stories while cutting together all the voice work into scenes. I dable into sound design where I can. 

My background lies in modding. I lead a small team while working on the Half-Life 2 modification: ElevenEightySeven (1187). After that I spent 4 years working on Contagion. I'm not the biggest zombie fan but I had a blast working on it and I learned a lot. Some good some bad.

I also Manage the team, doing PR and a bit of marketing where I can.

My Portfolio

Aryn Rozelle - Voice Actor

Aryn Rozelle is a girl :3, wait, Aryn Rozelle is an actress, voiceover artist, and game developer in the Northern California area. She's incredibly versatile and always pushing herself to get the best performance out of a scene. She cares about her characters and it shows.


She's been in the business for a little over 2 and half years. It has always been Aryn's dream to voice video game characters, and that dream is finally taking form with Stardrop and Derailed (the game she is working on). She also aspires to be in big action movies.


In her spare time, Aryn teaches baton twirling, streams Overwatch on Twitch, and trains in grappling. 

Aryn Rozelle's Website

Robert Ducat - Voice Actor

Robert Ducat is an amazing voice artist. Has a great sense of humor that always finds it's way into his recording sessions which more often than not finds it's way into the final cut. He loves to ad-lib which, besides of his natural acting talent is one of his greatest strengths.

Nevertheless he always retains a proffessional attitude towards his work and puts in a large amount of effort. Robert is a respectable human being and a long time friend.

Ildar Sitdykov - 3D Environment Artist

Ildar has become the back bone of the project when it comes to the environmental assets. Eager to learn and self-improve whenever he can. Ildar has stepped up when it was needed the most and his expertise and sharing his knowledge is greatly appreciated.

His passion shines through his work and without him, the game wouldn't be as interesting to look at. He has a very strong sense of involvement and expresses a great deal of care into whatever he does.

Ildar's Portfolio

James S Morgan - 3D Environment Artist

James is an amazing environment artist. His work oozes quality. Having a keen understanding of what it takes to create quality content he also applies a real-world mentality when it comes to design easthetics. This further helps to add weight to his work without sacrificing the overall design.

James's Portfolio

Thomas Saigne - Lead Playtester

Thomas "Sensi" Saigne is the biggest Sci-Fi nerd on the team (Yes, even bigger then me, Joure). Movies, games it doesn't matter, he'll love it. On top of that he works hard and meticulous.


Finding ways to break the game is his job and he's good at it. Really good. STARDROP would not be in such a playable state if it wasn't for this guy right here. Proud to have him on the team as a full-fledged member.

Dmitry Zukov - Playtester / Community Assistant.

Dmitry cares about his work. Big or small, he puts in more effort then is sometimes required. His passion is reflected in whatever he does. Amazingly thorough in breaking games and he does it without remorse. He's relentless but it's all for the greater good.

He also knows how to treat the community with respect and is always eager to help them out. If he has worked on a game, the community will know him. He only demands respect but happily gives it back in return. I was going to make a vodka joke, but I guess that's pretty much self implied at this point.

Dmitry's Blog

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