Joure Visser

Personal Information


  • Name                                             Joure Dirk Visser

  • Date of Birth                                 02 September 1980

  • Nationality                                    Dutch

  • Email                                    

  • Phone                                           +65 94210699

  • Mobile                                           +65 94210699


My personal mission as a professional level designer is to deliver rich and engaging gameplay experiences that are both fun and challenging for either new or existing IP's.


Acquiring and expanding upon my skillset with various level editors and tools within the realm of game development. Always challenging myself and always wanting to be better and outdo myself with every new opportunity.


As of 2015 I have expanded my skillset into the art of Game Design working on my own on a small Sci-Fi narrative based adventure exploration game STARDROP, which covers many other aspects that comes with planning, preparing and building a game.

Software Knowledge and Skills


Unreal Engine 4

  • World Building

  • Blocking Out Levels

  • Level Blockout / Iteration

  • Detailing and Polish

  • Lighting

  • Advanced Blueprints (Visual Scripting)

  • Terrain Editor

  • Advanced Matinee

  • Optimization

  • Prototyping Game Mechanics



  • Basic Texture Creation

  • Level layout / Planning


Source Engine

  • Source SDK

  • Material Creation

  • Faceposer

  • Color Correction

  • Particle Editor



  • World Building

  • Lighting

  • Entities

  • Optimization



  • VTFEdit

  • Trello

  • SourceTree

  • Tortoise SVN



  • Level designer with an immense passion for video games.

  • Extensive knowledge of game design, workflows, and team management.

  • Highly self motivated with an eager craving to learn new tools.

  • Self taught through mods but also through industry experience.

  • Experience to work and deliver under pressure.

  • Team player with strong communicative skills.


Other Skills

  • Prototyping of levels and implementig new game mechanics. 

  • Blocking out levels and/or communicating ideas through drawings/layouts.

  • Blocking out with the use of conceptual textures.


Work Experience

2011 - 2015                 Lead Level Designer               Monochrome LLC


Personal Experience

ElevenEightySeven - Half-Life 2 Modification



1994 - 1999                       Grafisch Lyceum, Amsterdam.



Dutch (native)

English (Fluent)